Hire Me

I solve business problems with technology. If you’ve got a business problem then get in touch by email. I would love to hear about your biggest business problems.

Would you like me to work on your software project? I also provide training and technical writing services. I take on contract work when I’m available. Contact me via email for more information.

I have over a decade of experience working with C# and .NET (I’ve written books on ASP.NET Core), both on the desktop / back-end and web based (using ASP.NET MVC, Web API, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Redux and React). I specialise in Continuous Integration (CI) with Azure DevOps Server (TFS) / Azure DevOps (VSTS) / TeamCity / Octopus Deploy and use techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD). I also do a bit of Python and Ruby, and am pretty good with hardware / electronics too.

I have plenty of practice using cloud infrastructure (both on AWS and Azure). You might like my three-part series on AWS vs Azure, vendor lock-in and pricing confusion. I use techniques such as blue-green deployment / staging slots and feature switching.

I’ve built distributed systems using Message Queuing (MQ) and microservice architectures with software such as RabbitMQ. I also know a thing or two about computer security and financial markets.

I typically use an agile methodology (normally with Scrumban - combining Scrum and Kanban). I not only do development but also solution architecture, design, business analysis, consulting, project management, DevOps and DBA roles.

A full CV and rates for my consulting practice (a VAT registered UK limited company) can be provided on request. I’m mostly after contract work that can be done remotely, not normal full-time employment. However, I’m available for on-site visits and will consider office based work depending on the location (London, UK).

No recruiters please. If you are sending a job then please be upfront with what it pays and save everyone time.