Take the Train

Taking the train is a great way to travel. It’s more environmentally friendly, you get to see the countryside and you can be productive (I’m writing this on a train). »

WhatsApp Link Proxy

WhatsApp has been in the news recently for having a serious Remote Code Execution vulnerability exposed. If you haven’t yet then make sure that you update your apps, although unhelpfully the security fix wasn’t mentioned in the release notes. »

Smarty Pants

Last week giffgaff raised their prices. They gave existing customers a month’s notice (as they are required to do) but this cost increase was noticeably absent from all of the advertising they were doing last month, which included the old pricing. »

Your Planet Needs You

It’s May Day but for the planet it’s more of a Mayday (from m’aider, French for ‘help me’). In the almost 30 years since this famous photo was taken we haven’t made enough progress to avert a climate crisis. »