Home-made Soldering Iron Holder

I made this soldering iron holder a while ago. Here’s how to make one yourself from things you probably have lying around. Much cheaper than a bought one and more fun:

You will need:

  • An old hard drive
  • A wire coat hanger
  • A kitchen sponge
  • Assorted tools


  1. Gut the hard drive and keep the cast base
  2. Cut and straighten the coat hanger
  3. Wrap coat hanger around a shaft to form a coil
  4. Attach hanger to base through existing holes
  5. Solder end of hanger to form a closed loop
  6. Cut sponge to size (smaller as it will swell when wet)

Here are some pics:

Soldering Iron Holder - Empty Soldering Iron Holder - With Sponge Soldering Iron Holder - With Iron Soldering Iron Holder - With Iron And Sponge

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