Learn BASIC Programming From An Eleven-Year-Old

Do you think you could learn how to program from a child? I recently found a book on programming in BASIC, written by an eleven-year-old and it is really rather good. Although I would say that, as the child in question was me.

Q BASIC PROJECT James Singleton Age 11

It’s a few decades out-of-date but the basics are there (no pun intended). However, the simplicity makes it very easy for a beginner to understand.

One of the hardest things about communicating knowledge is that the human condition makes it difficult to remember a time when you didn’t know something. Your new mental state of understanding replaces the old one and your previous ignorance ceases to exist in your memory. Recognising this can be learned but it takes deliberate effort. The same is true of opinions, but I digress.

I’ve scanned the pages and put together a PDF of the book if you fancy a read. It would be a useful introduction for someone completely new to programming, or simply as a curiosity for all the old nostalgic references. For example, mice are normally standard peripherals today and you won’t have to deal with 16 bit integers unless you’re using an Arduino.

Q BASIC PROJECT James Singleton Age 11 PDF download

If you would like to read something more professional, which distils decades of computing experience into easily applicable advice then you should check out my latest book.

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