LED Lights Tube Status Display - Strike vs Normal

I’ve been asked for a comparison of what my LED lights tube status alert project looks like during normal service versus disruption.

Update: Here’s a still of the latest version. This is what it looks like for normal service. There is no animation unless there’s disruption.

This is a video of what it looks like during mostly normal service. There is some disruption on the Victoria line. This is a slightly older version without TfL Rail and not sorting by transport mode. I’ll get a better video of what normal service looks like when it happens. I could be waiting a while so I might have to fake it!

bog standard service

This is a video of what the latest revision looks like during a major disruption. In this case the recent tube strike. None of the tube line were operating and there was additional disruption on the overground. Only TfL Rail and the DLR were operating a normal service.

If you’d like a bit more background on this project then you should read my original post about it.

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