Resolutions Revisited

It’s been a very challenging year. In some ways eventful and in other ways highly uneventful.

Last year, I made some resolutions1. It’s time to see how I did.


No more than two children



No more than two meals a week with meat


At least two meals a week vegan (in addition to breakfasts)


Breakfast is easy to have vegan so I didn’t include it in the goal. I typically have toast with a dairy-free plant oil spread and black coffee.

I’d say I’m a part-time vegetarian / vegan. I’m not strict but if I’m cooking (as I have been a lot this year) then I’ll choose a naturally vegan dish.


Next vehicle fully electric (not just hybrid, even if plug-in)


No ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) driving in local town (unless the load is too big to carry by foot/bike)


This year I bought a second hand Nissan Leaf, which is our only car and ticks off both of these. My favourite feature is the remote climate control (e.g. AC from the checkout queue on a hot day or defrost from the house on an icy morning). I check the daily agile pricing from Octopus Energy to see when is best to charge it, which provides some variety to the regular routine of most days this year.

No more than one flight each per year


I haven’t flown at all this year, although this was probably easier than usual.

The current situation presents a huge opportunity to change things for the better. However, this won’t happen on its own and we need to make conscious choices to create the future we want.

Happy new year!

  1. You can make your own at

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