Sweden Solar System Photos

On a recent visit to Stockholm I geeked out for a day and went on a hunt for planets in the world’s largest permanent scale model of the Solar System. We followed this guide but the Wikipedia page is more accurate. I also had a quick look at a data centre in a nuclear bunker.

Here’s the entrance to the data centre in Södermalm. It was shut but you could see quite a lot through the glass door.
Data Centre

The metro stops for the day going south to north. You get good value out of a T-bana pass. T-bana

The Sun is the Globe arena. Sweden Solar System Sun

Mercury was inside a locked courtyard but had a hat on. Sweden Solar System Mercury

Venus is now a building site. Sweden Solar System Venus

The Earth and Moon are in the ticket hall of the natural history museum.
Sweden Solar System Earth
Sweden Solar System Earth and Moon

Mars is at the end of the line in a shopping centre. Just at the exit from the metro and easy to miss. Sweden Solar System Mars

We tried to find Jupiter at the airport (which is made of flowers) but it didn’t seem to be there.

Next time I think a trip to the historic Ytterby quarry is in order. Maybe Venus will be back or we can check out the nuclear reactor at the same place.

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