Cleanweb Jobs

Cleanweb Jobs has shut down. You may want to try Tech For Good jobs instead.

You may know that I help organize a community group called Cleanweb London. We’re trying to help fix environmental problems using web technology. We have regular meetups, so come say hi!

We’ve launched a free jobs site imaginatively called Cleanweb Jobs. The aim is to try and get tech talent working on some virtuous software projects. Currently it’s just an email list but I hope that it will turn into a searchable open database of employers who are making an impact. It’s going well so far and we’re now trying to grow it. Especially from the hiring company side as we have a lot of keen candidates looking for green jobs.

If you’re a clean tech company struggling to hire a developer, designer, DBA or manager for your software project then check it out. Submit your job post and we’ll email our large list of keen candidates for you.

Cleanweb Jobs

Are you a technologist looking to join the growing movement of people who want to do something meaningful with their next role?

We’ve got some interesting statistics on the breakdown of skills. Both what employees can offer and also what employers are looking for. I’ll hopefully write about this soon, with graphs!

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