.NET Standard 2.0 Final and Library Support List

.NET Standard 2.0 is final and I suspect that .NET Core 2.0 is not too far away now either. It’s worth watching the announcements repository to stay on top of .NET things (not too much spam if they remember to lock the issues).

.NET Core

I’ve been updating my repository of library support, as many projects were waiting for .NET Standard 2.0 before publishing new packages. You can read the MS docs for a support matrix showing the version of .NET Standard that each framework supports.

If you just want to see what NuGet packages you can use in .NET Core then you can reach my list via the short URL ANCLAFS.com. If you feel like pitching in and sending a pull request then that would be awesome.


As for events, there’s the free virtual .NET Conference from September 19 - 21. If you’re in London then there’s this year’s Progressive .NET before that.

Thanks to campus MVP for the logos.

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