Radio Piradise

Update: I’ve got this working and written about it here.

I listen to a fair amount of Radio Paradise (an awesome internet radio station). So after reading an article in the MagPi by Simon Monk about how to make an internet radio I decided to build a dedicated device. A Radio Pi-radise if you will. But first I made a quick prototype to discover any big issues.

It was pretty easy to set up MPD to stream at boot however the poor audio quality of the Pi means that I won’t be using this as it stands. I’d experienced the audio issues with the original Pi and thought my B+ or Pi v2 would do better. However, there is a huge amount of noise on the analogue line out. I’m no audiophile but it was very noticeable. I tried swapping power supplies and other components, using different streams and even running from a battery pack but to no avail. There are no issues when using my phone or laptop with the same system. If I’m to use this then I’ll probably have to invest in a USB sound card or a HiFiBerry.

What a shame. I’d like to use the Pi as the new Android app is a bit buggy and keeps cutting out.

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