Talk: React + ASP.NET Core = 👍

I gave another talk recently on React + ASP.NET Core (strangely enough, entitled React + ASP.NET Core = 👍). You can watch the video of the lightning (ten minute) version that I gave at the FT here:

The slide deck is also available if you would like to follow along:

The source code of the demo app (a tube status web app built with React, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core, Redux and React Router) is on my GitHub. Because of the way ASP.NET Core interacts with React and Node you need a network connection even if using the fake API that I built, although you don’t need an internet connection unless you want to use the real TfL API.

If you liked the digital signage fails then you may want to follow @shitsignage, as I have loads more. Some other things linked from the talk are (my JSON proxy for the UK National Rail Live Departure Board SOAP API), (my mobile web app that generates random excuses and lets you easily send them) and of course my book ASP.NET Core 2 High Performance.

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