Remote Collaboration Business Product

For the last year I’ve been working on a business product to help with team cohesion and collaboration. It aims to improve productivity and connections by centralising company knowledge and easily sharing information with your teams.

If you’re interested in trialling it and would like early access then get in touch.

Features include:

  • Weather in all team locations shown to everyone to deepen connections
  • Social media accounts and search engine quick access
  • RSS news, inspirational quotes and company wide polls to vote on
  • Internal news showcase to highlight important company announcements
  • Easy access to remote meetings, conference call numbers and bookings
  • Quick methods for IT support ticket logging
  • Forms for ordering catering from a standard menu
  • Simple access to a late working dinner request
  • Easy checking of meeting room and conference call calendars
  • Forms for logging a visitor
  • A full document library configurable for each user
  • A section for internal company blog posts
  • A gallery for company photos from socials and other events
  • A searchable teams page with photos of all staff including contact details
  • Highlighting of new starters including a photo and fun fact
  • An Instagram widget displaying the company content
  • A Twitter widget showing the official business feed
  • Surfacing important dates (e.g. events and birthdays) from Outlook
  • A charity donations totaliser widget showing how much has been raised
  • A TfL tube status rainbow board widget
  • GB National Rail status for configurable train operating companies
  • National Rail live departure boards for any GB station
  • A custom reporting and learning portal for each user
    • A talent academy containing codified business knowledge
    • A learning document library that is gradually fed users
    • External eLearning modules
    • Embedded training videos
    • A list of live vacancies for employee referrals
    • Quick viewing multiple shared team calendars from Outlook
    • A holiday booking system
    • Easy visibility of team holidays
    • A sick reporting tool
  • A full backend admin interface for managing the underlying data
  • Single Sign-On Active Directory and Azure integration
  • Automated import of user profiles from Active Directory
  • Integration with email and calendars on Office 365

Does that sound like something that would be useful to your business?

Is too much of your valuable information shared by email and lost in inboxes?

Do new joiners always ask the same questions, taking up time at inductions?

If so, get in touch.

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