Get Involved in Democracy

If you want to make change happen then you need to put the effort in. Posting things online is all well and good but really you need to give up your time (when you could be doing something more entertaining) and get involved in the democratic process, in person. »

Take the Train

Taking the train is a great way to travel. It’s more environmentally friendly, you get to see the countryside and you can be productive (I’m writing this on a train). »


Ecosia is a non-profit search engine that uses its revenue to plant trees. It wraps Bing so the results should be the same as that, but it helps the planet in the process. »

Live and Let Dry

If you want to air your washing in public then my attitude is live and let dry. It's no secret that tumble-driers are very energy intensive. The best course of action for the planet and your bank account is to dry your washing outside. »

Latest Cleanweb Jobs Skill Statistics

I help run Cleanweb Jobs, a site that matches people to software jobs in the environment sector. The statistics of what skills candidates have compared to the skills employers are looking for are quite interesting. »