The New Microsoft

Microsoft now ♥ Open Source and Linux. What’s going on?

I gave a short lightning talk on this topic at a local tech gathering. Here are the slides.

There’s lots of interesting stuff coming out of MS currently. I’ve been doing plenty of research into this as I’m writing a book on making high performance web apps with ASP.NET Core. This is why I’ve been fairly quiet of late and I’ll talk more about this when it’s done. It turns out that writing about a moving target isn’t easy. :)

Obviously there’s .NET Core and ASP.NET Core but Xamarin / Mono have also been set free and you’ll be able to run SQL Server on Linux too. From today you can even run Bash on Windows. This all appears to be more than just a token gesture and more of a “bet the company” strategy. It’s all very encouraging and I feel it’s a good time to be C# and .NET developer.

P.S. All of the images are from Unsplash, which is awesome.

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