Use Your Vote

If you are in the EU then tomorrow is your chance to vote. Make sure that you take the time to exercise your democratic right.

In the UK, these European elections come only a few weeks after local ones. The Greens and Liberal Democrats made big gains in those and we’ll see if that momentum is carried over to the EU MEP vote.

The regions used are much larger than those used in national general elections. The system of Proportional Representation used also makes it much fairer than a first-past-the-post constituency system. This means your vote is more valuable and less likely to be wasted, much like in a referendum.

Even if you feel your vote won’t be relevant for long, you should still cast your ballot on Thursday 23rd May 2019. This will guide policy for the next decade and it looks like it will be a very important one for our environmental future.

There is an excellent blog post covering the climate crisis issues here. It delves into the details of agriculture, carbon neutrality and tax policy.

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