WordPress to Ghost

I’ve been a bit busy recently (writing a book), but now that I have a bit of spare time I’ve moved my blog from WordPress to Ghost. Let me know if you find anything broken.

WordPress was putting me off writing. It was painfully slow and there was always something that required an update. The new site is much quicker and lower maintenance, so hopefully I’ll now blog more often.

I did explore using a static site generator, but there are still parts of this site that need to be dynamic (for now), so I couldn’t use static hosting. For example, my tube (and now tram) status page still requires some server side processing, but I may rewrite this as a client side JavaScript app at some point.

The hardest part was getting all the redirects set up, as the URL format has changed. It appears that the URL rewrite regular expression engine differed between my local web server and the one on my host. All previous links should still work, so get in touch if you find any that don’t.

I tried importing comments to Disqus, but it would only import one of them, despite all of them being in the export. So, I’ve simply archived existing comments into the posts and will use Hacker News for future comments. There’s a link on each post to the comments (or to submit the link if it hasn’t already been). Like this one…

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