ProtonMail Review

I’ve started using ProtonMail for email, as a paying customer. Here are some of my thoughts on it. ProtonMail is a secure Swiss email hosting service and while it’s not cheap it does optionally come with a VPN. »

Starting a Tech Meetup

Tech meetups are a great place to socialise, talk shop and learn new skills. In London you’re spoilt for choice, in fact you have to be picky. »

Play Services and Your Typing Experience

Android is a great mobile OS and is based on Linux so has a pretty solid core. However, many of the mandatory Google apps and services that come bundled with it are not so great and have an annoying habit of ignoring user choices. »

Starling Bank

There are lots of new challenger banks appearing on the market. It's been a bit of a slow start, mainly due to how long it takes to get a banking license in the UK. »

WhatsApp With That?

In my post on smartphone fixes I touched upon turning off read receipts and presence indication in messaging apps. Here’s how to apply that to WhatsApp and some other tips too. »

Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu Review

I decided to upgrade my ageing laptop that I’ve had for over five years. It still does a good job but with the insane state of the JavaScript development tooling today it was struggling. »

Push-back Bot

British Airways have started using robots to push their aeroplanes back from the stands at London Heathrow Terminal 5. However, they are not autonomous and are remotely controlled by a nearby operator. »