Heat 👋

It seems like a distant memory now but we had a brief heatwave in the UK last month. Here is a graph of the week starting the 22nd of July from a Bluetooth Low Energy temperature and humidity sensor connected to Home Assistant running on a low power Raspberry Pi 3A+.

BLE temperature and humidity sensor graph of the week starting 22nd July 2019

I’m sure you’re noticing the increasingly frequent weather warnings, from the heat and thunderstorms to the windy weekend and wet week right now. A hot climate doesn’t necessarily mean hot weather. In the UK it can cause wetter and windier conditions.

Hotter air has more energy and can hold more moisture, that’s basic physics. Disruption to the jet stream also plays a big part here. It seems self-evident that the swings in our changeable weather are getting more extreme but I’ll expand on that in a future post.

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