Live and Let Dry

If you want to air your washing in public then my attitude is live and let dry. It's no secret that tumble-driers are very energy intensive. The best course of action for the planet and your bank account is to dry your washing outside. »

ProtonMail Review

I’ve started using ProtonMail for email, as a paying customer. Here are some of my thoughts on it. ProtonMail is a secure Swiss email hosting service and while it’s not cheap it does optionally come with a VPN. »

Starting a Tech Meetup

Tech meetups are a great place to socialise, talk shop and learn new skills. In London you’re spoilt for choice, in fact you have to be picky. »

Play Services and Your Typing Experience

Android is a great mobile OS and is based on Linux so has a pretty solid core. However, many of the mandatory Google apps and services that come bundled with it are not so great and have an annoying habit of ignoring user choices. »

Starling Bank

There are lots of new challenger banks appearing on the market. It's been a bit of a slow start, mainly due to how long it takes to get a banking license in the UK. »

WhatsApp With That?

In my post on smartphone fixes I touched upon turning off read receipts and presence indication in messaging apps. Here’s how to apply that to WhatsApp and some other tips too. »