Green Resolution 2022

A lot has changed in the last couple of years but the climate crisis hasn’t gone away. It feels like momentum is building, so hopefully we can speed up and make the changes needed quick enough. »

Python pyenv Shims Not In PATH Fix

I was doing some work with Django 3.2.9 and Python 3.10 recently, and I came across a strange issue. The root cause of this was that the pyenv shims had disappeared from my PATH and so the system Python version was being used. »

.NET 6 and Self-Contained Single File Apps

Another year, another .NET release. .NET 6 is now out and although it contains some new features, the main things I think are significant are the continued push for high performance and that it is an LTS release. »

How To Not COP It - Summary and Tips

This is a short summary of my positive stories on how you can take action and do your bit to be more eco-friendly. If you simply want some quick actions you can take then this is for you but you can read everything in more detail in the other posts. »