Python pyenv Shims Not In PATH Fix

I was doing some work with Django 3.2.9 and Python 3.10 recently, and I came across a strange issue. The root cause of this was that the pyenv shims had disappeared from my PATH and so the system Python version was being used. »

.NET 6 and Self-Contained Single File Apps

Another year, another .NET release. .NET 6 is now out and although it contains some new features, the main things I think are significant are the continued push for high performance and that it is an LTS release. »

How To Not COP It - Summary and Tips

This is a short summary of my positive stories on how you can take action and do your bit to be more eco-friendly. If you simply want some quick actions you can take then this is for you but you can read everything in more detail in the other posts. »