Pi Hole Extended - Part 2

In the previous post in this guide I covered how to make a router and filtering DNS server. In this second post I’ll cover updating, preventing DNS over HTTPS, extra filter lists and forcing all DNS traffic through your filter (such as Kindles and Chromecasts). »

Huxley 2 Release

2022 update: There are some new updates to Huxley 2 and I now consider it feature-complete. There was not much interest in the below so it will only be updated to fix bugs or move to a new . »

Huxley 2

I’m pleased to announce Huxley 2, the new cross-platform .NET Core version of my JSON proxy for the GB railway Live Departure Boards SOAP API. »

Remote Collaboration Business Product

For the last year I’ve been working on a business product to help with team cohesion and collaboration. It aims to improve productivity and connections by centralising company knowledge and easily sharing information with your teams. »

InstaBail Update

I've updated my InstaBail progressive web app with new excuses. »

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