Winter Isn't Coming

Winter isn’t coming, at least not for me. I’m taking a break and spending a few months travelling around a warm, diverse and interesting part of the world. »

Author image James Singleton on #Travel,

Ytterby Quarry

This summer I took yet another trip to sunny Sweden. Having already been to Stockholm many times before, on this occasion we rented a house on the small island of Resaro, near Vaxholm (just in time to see England beat Sweden in the sportsball world cup). »

TfL WiFi Monitoring

If you’ve been using the London Underground recently then you may have seen one of these posters about WiFi data collection. »

Michael Faraday Monuments - London Landmarks Tour

A personal hero of mine is Michael Faraday. A self-taught scientist who practically invented the field of electrical engineering. He also started the Christmas Lectures for young people, which are still going almost 200 years later. »

Fuller's Brewery Industrial Robot

I recently went on a tour of the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery in Chiswick and came across this awesome industrial robot. It unloads and loads kegs between pallets and the filling line. »